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New Patient Information

We are happy that you found us and that you are making your health a priority.

A first time doctor visit appointment at Core Health Strategies may be different than any doctor’s appointment you may have previously experienced. We are thorough. We need to know a lot about you and your health history.

As a specialty medical office, Core Health Strategies focuses on complex cases and engages in integrative treatments. Thus, we require time to gather the essential details, lab or scan results, and physical exam pieces we need in order to make determinations about your health care needs and treatment protocols. Please plan your first visit with us for approximately 1.5 hours.

Please read the following carefully to expedite your scheduling.

What to expect

• A thorough investigation of your medical concerns
• Comprehensive medical and lifestyle history
• Review of your medical records, lab or scan results
• Review of medications and supplements that you are currently taking
• Organize, prioritize and guide you with best quality therapy, supplements, and dosage recommendations that are the best fit for you unique body and condition.
• Analysis of past lab work and creation of new labs if necessary to order next
• Appropriate physical exam.
• Establishing your health goals
• Detailed explanation of our treatment recommendations for you as well as your action plan

Prepare For Your First Visit

STEP 1: Intake Forms
Complete the New Patient Intake and consent forms prior to your visit. The green link for these forms is below. Click on the link, print out the forms, fill them out and send to us.

Please EMAIL your completed intake form to OR FAX to us at 701.751.3947

• New Patient Intake Forms (17 pages)

Please fill out these forms in their entirety.  For example, if you take medications and/or supplements, it is necessary to write them on the Medication/Supplement List sheet. You may additionally also bring your medications and supplements to your New Patient Intake Appointment. If you need more space, please write them on a second page or the back of the Medication/Supplement List sheet. This is important since if we document them for you in our office at the time of your visit, it will detract from your time with the doctors.

Reminder, if we do not receive this completed form, WE WILL RESCHEDULE your appointment.

STEP 2: Medical Records and Labs

If you have recent blood work, scans or tests related to your concern completed by your prior doctor or health care provider within the past year, please gather them and then:
Send or deliver these previous medical records to our office prior to your New Patient Appointment.

Having this information helps us prevent unnecessary testing and/or treatment and provides our doctors with a fuller more detailed history. We will need to review this information before your New Patient Intake Appointment. Your entire medical record is not needed.

An authorization for release of patient information form is included in the intake forms you will download.   Please note:  It is illegal for us to login to your patient portal from another facility in order to download your medical records… so yes, we need you to do this.

Examples of the type of medical records we require from you:

Example 1: For integrative cancer care support

  • Medical oncology consult notes, radiation oncology consult notes, surgical reports, pathology reports, imaging studies, and labs related to the diagnosis

Example 2: For chronic digestive difficulties

  • Gastrointestinal (GI) consult notes, imaging studies such as endoscopies, surgical reports, pathology reports, labs related to the diagnosis

Example 3: For thyroid concerns

  • Endocrinology or treating physician consult notes, imaging studies, and labs related to the diagnosis

Note: The above examples are guidelines to help you and not the fullest extent of information needed.

Medical Records Contact Phone Numbers:

MidDakota             xxx-xxxxx
CHI Bismarck        ph: 530-8935    f: 530-8984
Sanford Bismarck  ph: 323-6161    f: 323-7416


Call our office directly to schedule your first patient appointment:  701.751.4464
Before we will schedule your New Patient Intake Appointment, you are required to complete the New Patient Intake FormS. Reminder, if we do not receive this completed form, WE WILL RESCHEDULE your appointment.


New patient appointment fee is $335, and subject to change.  This fee includes a New Patient Intake Appointment plus your Treatment Plan Appointment.  These appointments are scheduled on different days.  Payment is due at the time of the New Patient Appointment.  Cash, check, or credit card are accepted.  .


We are not contracted with insurance carrier at this time. At the Treatment Plan Appointment, we can provide you with the codes necessary so that you can self-submit to your insurance company.  Reimbursement is a contractual agreement between you and your insurance company and they can advise you with additional plan information.

Cancellation Policy

We consider an appointment to be an agreement between you and our office. If for any reason you need to not keep the appointment but do not call to cancel your appointment with  us, we become unable to provide service to another patient during your scheduled time.

Should you decide not to keep the appointment without giving the appropriate notice, you will be charged a cancellation fee of the full cost of the visit. This policy applies to treatment appointments as well.

For new patient appointments we ask for a 48-business hour notice of cancellation. For established patient appointments, 24-business hours notice of cancellation. A credit card will be used to hold new patient appointments. Your credit card will not be charged unless you miss your appointment without giving the proper cancellation notice. Please note that insurance companies do not reimburse for missed appointments.

We look forward to seeing you!